Canadian Cancer Society Kordyban Lodge

Type of Building
Health, Residential
Prince George
NSDA Architects
Structural Engineer
Krahn Engineering
Construction Manager
Wayne Watson Construction Ltd.
Project Owner
Canadian Cancer Society, BC & Yukon Division
Wood Supplier
Glue-laminated timber (glulam), Lumber, Siding

This lodge is an area of comfort, hope and calm. I believe that in such an environment the patient has a better outcome.

Dr. Winston Bishop, Regional Oncologist University Hospital of Northern British Columbia

Project Overview

The Canadian Cancer Society Kordyban Lodge provides accommodation for 36 out-of-town residents receiving medical treatment at the Cancer Agency Centre for the North in Prince George. People living with cancer and undergoing medical treatment are often overwhelmed by feelings of fear and anxiety, and the personal struggle against cancer requires courage and support. The primary intention of this project was to provide a life-affirming residential environment contributing to the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of cancer patients and their families, with an architecture rooted in the context and culture of its surroundings.

Wood Use

Kordyban Lodge was constructed in accordance with the Wood First policy adopted by the City of Prince George. The hybrid structure consists of engineered Douglas fir timber frame for all major spaces with long spans, conventional light wood framing, factory-built prefabricated wall panels and engineered roof trusses. The beauty, versatility, strength and ease of construction of engineered Douglas fir is highlighted in the major spaces with long clear spans, as well as other areas with particular structural and architectural responses. A robust entrance canopy constructed of glue laminated columns and beams, paired purlins and exposed wood decking, acts as a welcoming gesture for the Lodge.