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British Columbia (B.C.) is at the forefront of new wood products and building systems.  Local building codes recognize wood’s safety and structural performance by expanding its use in a wide range of building types. Over the past six years, construction and design professionals across the province have been building more with wood by taking advantage of new wood and wood-based products and innovative building systems. 

Recognizing urban density needs and the benefits of building with renewable materials, B.C. was the first province in Canada to permit modern mid-rise wood-frame buildings. Following a comprehensive process with public and technical consultations, the B.C. Building Code was revised in 2009 to increase the maximum height for wood-frame residential construction from four to six storeys. 

New mass timber products and systems are being used to construct larger and taller structures. These massive beam and panel products are similar to concrete and steel in strength but are faster and more efficient to assemble and provide seismic, fire and wind resistance advantages. 

Many recent projects completed across the province demonstrate B.C’s leadership in taller, larger and innovative wood construction and B.C. is recognized as a global expert in the use of wood in construction.

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