The Gardens

The Gardens demonstrates that wood can be used to build attractive, affordable, high-quality housing from sustainable materials more quickly and efficiently than with other building materials. The project included eight factory-built, wood-framed units (four duplexes), which provide attractively-priced housing in Gibsons, where the cost of accommodation has been outpascing income growth by a rate of nearly three to one.

Gibsons RCMP Facility

The design of the new facility is intended to reflect the character of the Town of Gibsons. The extensive use of wood makes the building warm and inviting, and the large glazed areas present an open and  transparent façade to the public. On the east elevation three freestanding natural western red cedar posts form a portico, supporting the beam and purlin structure of the overhanging roof. These posts, sourced by local craftsmen, symbolize the cooperation between the RCMP, the Town of Gibsons and the community.

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