Emerging Building Systems and Wood Innovation

Four case studies and architectural drawings that provide solutions to common issues in mass timber building design are now available for download in PDF and Revit. Recognizing there is a need to support early adopters and foster the uptake of mass timber buildings, these case studies will make it easier for specifiers and engineers to incorporate emerging building system methods into their practice.

Brock Commons - Performance Overview

This performance overview of the 18-storey Brock Commons Tallwood House at UBC assesses a wide range of factors:

  • Structural elements
  • Building systems
  • Building envelope
  • Durability
  • Moisture protection
  • Fire

By also including a cost analysis, an environmental impact analysis and an assessment of inhabitant comfort, the case study demonstrates that taller wood buildings like Brock Commons can be built economically while also delivering community and environmental benefits.

B.C. douglas-fir glulam beams used at the CEPT University Workshop in Ahmedabad, India

B.C.’s wood product technology and building expertise helped build the recently completed Centre of Excellence Workshop, a 13,000 sq ft building that houses workshops for students of architecture and design at CEPT University in Ahmedabad, India. The building features a mix of coastal and interior species from B.C. in both structural and appearance applications and is one of the first large-scale commercial demonstration in India to use long-span glulam beams.


Nail-Laminated Timber Canadian Design and Construction Guide Now Available

Highlighting Canadian innovation and leadership, Canada’s design and construction community now have free access to detailed expert advice available in the Nail-Laminated Timber (NLT) Canadian Design and Construction Guide. Co-edited by architecture and design firm Perkins+Will and structural engineering firm Fast + Epp, this same team produced a similar guide for the U.S. building industry earlier this year.

Join naturally:wood and over 800 design and building professionals at the 2017 Wood Solutions Conference

The 2017 Wood Solutions Conference takes place today at the Vancouver Convention Centre, presented by Wood WORKS! BC and the Canadian Wood Council.

This interactive educational event showcases the latest innovations and trends in architectural and structural wood design.

Learn more about the Wood Solutions Conference

New videos on Brock Commons available

Students are now living in Brock Commons Tallwood House, the world’s tallest mass timber hybrid building at the University of British Columbia. Located in Vancouver, B.C., the student residence has proven the case for tall wood buildings.

Watch our latest videos on Brock Commons to learn about the benefits of building with wood, and to see how the wood structure went up just over nine weeks. 

Chapter 1: Overview

Comparing B.C. to the World: Forest Regulation and Certification Factsheet

B.C.’s world-leading sustainable forest management was confirmed in a recent research study. In 2016, Indufor, an international forestry consulting company, examined forest legislation and certification standards in 14 jurisdictions around the world. To learn how B.C. performed on each of the 16 elements of sustainable forest management examined, view the Comparing B.C. to the World: Forest Regulation and Certification factsheet, which provides an overview of the study. 

National Forest Week: Forest Practices Board Info Bulletin

Did you know B.C. is the only jurisdiction in the world with an independent watchdog to provide oversight on forest planning and practices? 

In celebration of National Forest Week, the B.C. Forest Practices Board’s information bulletin outlines the role they play in encouraging stewardship of forest resources by industry and government; this ensures that B.C.’s working forests will allow economic benefits for communities while preserving ecological values. 


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