21st Century Wood Design and Construction Solutions Wood Symposium

This is a comprehensive one-day international symposium designed to inspire and educate senior architects, structural engineers, design and construction professionals about how new technologies in wood products have opened the door to uncharted and unconventional design possibilities. World-class experts and industry leaders will present the research currently taking place, outline innovative wood applications as well as highlight some mass timber projects constructed in other parts of the globe.

Date: Thursday, January 23, 2014

Symposium Sessions: 8:15am - 4:45pm

An Introduction to the Wood Innovation and Design Centre

The Wood Innovation and Design Centre (WIDC) in downtown Prince George, British Columbia is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2014. The six-storey plus mechanical penthouse structure will include research facilities and classroom space for the University of Northern BC as well as office space for future tenants.

When completed, the WIDC will be the tallest contemporary wood building in North America, building on B.C.'s expertise and global reputation as an innovative leader in wood construction, engineered wood products and design.

New Online Wood Resource Launched

In recognition that March 21st was the 2nd annual World Wood Day, Canadian Wood Council marked the occasion with the launch of a new online resource entitled Wood Facts. The initiative helps to ensure that the Canadian build and design community have the information and resources they need to make informed decisions about building 5- and 6-storey mid-rise wood buildings.

Wood Design, Building and Construction Solutions Resource

A new resource has been developed by Wood WORKS! BC:21st Century Wood Design, Building and Construction Solutions aprimer for contractors and builders.

This comprehensivepublication provides an overview of a new generation of wood building products, systems and techniques which are making bigger, taller and more complex wood buildings possible. This B.C. publication showcases where innovative wood products have been used in recent projects in B.C. and answers common questions.

New Case Study: Surrey Memorial Hospital Critical Care Tower

The completion of the Critical Care Tower (CCT) at Surrey Memorial Hospital provides strong evidence that Canada۪s healthcare sector now recognizes the important role that can be played by wood in the creation of healing environments.

Scientists have now confirmed that this sensationof relaxation in the presence of nature is theresult of a physiological change, a reduction in thelevel of stress-related hormones produced by ourbody۪s sympathetic nervous system (SNS).


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