Mid-Rise and Mass Timber Wood Construction in B.C. Videos

Mid-rise wood frame construction (four to six storeys) is becoming increasingly popular as a means of boosting densification, containing urban sprawl, and respecting infrastructure limits while maintaining neighbourhood charm and community appeal. The first 150 wood-frame mid-rise projects in British Columbia will use the equivalent of 100 million board feet of lumber and wood products. These mid-rise projects include a total of 202 buildings, of which 58 are now complete.

New Case Study: Surrey Memorial Hospital Critical Care Tower

The completion of the Critical Care Tower (CCT) at Surrey Memorial Hospital provides strong evidence that Canada۪s healthcare sector now recognizes the important role that can be played by wood in the creation of healing environments.

Scientists have now confirmed that this sensationof relaxation in the presence of nature is theresult of a physiological change, a reduction in thelevel of stress-related hormones produced by ourbody۪s sympathetic nervous system (SNS).

New Calculator: Wall Thermal Design Calculator

The purpose of this online tool and calculator is to provide designers with prescriptive wall assembly solutions complying with national energy efficiency requirements. This tool is meant to provide enough information that architects, designers, engineers, consultants and contractors can quickly determine suitable wall assemblies for each climate zone in Canada with confidence.

To learn more about the Wall Thermal Design Calculator, click here.

Building Smart with Mid-Rise Wood Buildings

Building Smart seminars, workshops and webinars provide attendees with best practices and up-to-date Building Code information for the construction and design of homes in B.C. Licensed Residential Builders, contractors, building officials, architects, engineers, trades and others involved in the home building industry can learn about latest research and technology through these practical and informative sessions.

City of Vancouver Advances Toward Zero-Emission Green Buildings

An 85-unit six-storey wood apartment is being built on the corner of Skeena and East Hastings streets in Vancouver. When complete it will be the largest Passive House building in Canada.

Across B.C., buildings account for 11 percent of greenhouse-gas emissions, according to a report by the provincial climate leadership team. The report cited Brusselswhich went from amongst the worst in Europe to amongst the best over an eight-year periodto suggest that B.C. could reduce emissions in this sector by 50 percent by 2030.


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