Updated naturally:wood Factsheets

October 16, 2015

Two updated factsheets have been added to naturally:wood. Both factsheets are part of the B.C. Forest Facts series and feature a new design template and content.

Diverse and Innovative Forest Products - British Columbia's (B.C.) productive forests are a rich anddiverse source of wood, including species unique to thiswestern-most region of Canada.British Columbian manufacturers offer a wide variety ofversatile, high-quality products, including pulp, paper,wood pellets, construction and appearance grade woodfor structural and finishing building applications.

Legal Source of Quality Forest Products - Customers worldwide trust Canada as a reliable supplier offorest products from legal and sustainable sources. With anextensive and rigorous system of forest governance, Canada has a negligible risk of illegal logging.A study comparing environmental forest practice regulationsin jurisdictions around the world found British Columbia(B.C.), Canada has some of the toughest regulations backed by well-developed enforcement regimes.