StructureCraft opens new state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Abbotsford and expands product line

November 16, 2017

StructureCraft is opening its doors today for the grand opening of its new facility in Abbotsford. Using prefabricated wall and roof panels enabled the four walls and 40,000 square foot roof to be installed within just one week.

“Our team aimed to develop a signature structure that would expand on what’s possible with wood. Not only did we quickly and efficiently construct a cost-effective industrial building, this project showcases the advantages of building with engineered wood for the industrial buildings of tomorrow,” said Lucas Epp, engineering manager at StructureCraft.  

With the additional space that this new facility provides, StructureCraft announced at the Wood Solutions Conference earlier this week that they are expanding their product line to include dowel- laminated timber (DLT), a new product to North America.