Join BC Wood at oneTree workshop and seminar featuring art developed by over 50 local artisans

December 1, 2017

The oneTree project demonstrates the versatility, beauty and strength generated from a single walnut tree through the art salvaged from its wood. Highlighting the connection between art and nature, a seminar and workshop held today at the Bateman Centre in Victoria, B.C. educates on the benefits for using wood in high-quality design projects.

“There’s quite a bit of economic activity that can be created from a single tree that was considered waste,” says John Lore, founder of oneTree.

Learn more about the oneTree seminar and workshop.

The exhibit features a collection of exquisite wood-based pieces developed by over 50 local artisans, including sculptors, artists, carpenters and designers.

“We are celebrating the breadth and talent of artisanal work in the area, with just an amazing array of talent building things out of wood from this single tree,” says Lore.

The exhibit is now open and runs until January 31, 2018.

View the video highlighting the exhibit’s creative development