Mid-Rise Wood-Frame Residential Construction in B.C.

Since the 2009 change to the British Columbia Building Code (BCBC) that increased the permissible height for wood frame residential buildings from four storeys to six, more than 300 of these structures have been completed or are underway around the province. Most are located in the core of smaller municipalities and in the inner suburbs of larger ones, offering a more sustainable and cost-effective option for densification than concrete or steel equivalents. 

Mid-rise wood frame buildings have proven popular among developers, architects and contractors, who see them as a const-efficient way to increase density while reducing environmental impact. Wood-frame construction techniques and project delivery methods have been modified or adapted to achieve greater efficiency, economy and performance.  This case study looks at three different projects in the Vancouver area, similar in having a predominantly multi-family residential program, but differing considerably in their approach to design, construction  details and project delivery.

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