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Great Bear Rainforest

As a world leader in sustainable forest management, British Columbia concurrently manages ecological integrity and human well-being in the globally unique Great Bear Rainforest through ecosystem-based management.

The unprecedented collaboration among First Nations, the BC government, environmental groups and forest companies protects 85 percent of the area’s forests, provides economic opportunities for First Nations, and offers certainty for the forest industry through sustainable harvesting in 15 percent of the area’s forests.

The Great Bear Rainforest covers 6.4 million hectares (15.8 million acres) along BC’s Pacific Coast—an area almost the size of Ireland. With one-quarter of the world’s coastal temperate rainforest, it offers breathtaking scenery and unparalleled recreational opportunities that draw visitors from around the globe. Its productive forest and marine resources support local communities and economies.

British Columbia Great Bear Rainforest Fact Sheet

Ecosystem-based management is an adaptive, systematic approach to managing human activities that seeks to ensure the co-existence of healthy, fully functioning ecosystems and human communities.