Comparison of Selected Forest Certification Standards (2009)

A study conducted by Indufor Oy examined the linkages between forest regulation and forest certification around the world.

The resulting report, Comparison of Selected Forest Certification Standards, found that, in general, all of the studied certification standards and processes make a positive contribution to sustainable forest management, even where legislation is comprehensive and demanding such as in Canada and Australia.

“Canada (British Columbia and Ontario) and Australia (New South Wales) are the countries with the most demanding legislation on the studied elements.”

In cases where standards do not exceed legislative requirements, there is continual improvement through regular on-the-ground monitoring and auditing that help to improve practices.

“According to the summary results, the strength of the legislation contributes to the strictness of the standard more than does the type of the standard (FSC or PEFC).”

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Examining the Linkage Between Forest Regulation and Forest Certification Around the World

Forestry Innovation Investment asked Finnish research company Indufor Oy to study jurisdictions with a significant amount of certified forest.