Fact sheets

Comparing British Columbia with the World (2004)

Dr. Benjamin Cashore, a professor at Yale University, conducted an independent ground-breaking study to compare Canada’s environmental forest practice regulations with those in jurisdictions around the world.

The resulting report, Global Environmental Forest Policies: Canada as a Constant Case Comparison of Select Forest Practice Regulations, provides strong evidence that forest practice regulations in Canada and British Columbia are among the toughest on earth.

The study showed that governments around the world have developed an array of forest policy regulations and practices that address critical issues around sustainable forest management. It highlighted the complexity of forest practice regulations and how they vary tremendously to deal with a wide range of historical, cultural, political, economic and ecological circumstances. It also noted the challenge of finding up-to-date, consistent and analytically appropriate data to compare measures such as protected areas on a global level.

Comparing British Columbia with the World Report

This fact sheet provides a summary of the report’s findings. Since forest practices are constantly changing, it has included as footnotes some recent developments that were not in the study itself.