British Columbia Parks and Protected Areas

British Columbia is the country’s most biologically diverse province; home to more than half of the wildlife and fish species living in Canada.

Parks and other protected areas maintain this immense environmental diversity by conserving wilderness areas, wildlife habitat, recreation areas, cultural sites and much more. British Columbia has more than 14.1 million hectares (34.8 million acres) of protected lands where no forestry, mining or industrial development is allowed—an area bigger than New York State.

In 1992, six percent of BC’s land base was protected. Today, more than 14.8 percent is fully protected, and much more of British Columbia’s land base falls under some type of special management regime, where values such as wildlife habitat, biodiversity or recreation take precedence.

BC Parks Protected Areas Fact Sheet

British Columbia is Canada’s most ecologically diverse province, with everything from temperate rainforest to dry pine forests to alpine meadows.