Polson Park Pavillion

Polson Park is an important destination park in Vernon, featuring a host of amenities and activities. The Polson Park Pavilion is one critical facet of the commitment of the City of Vernon to upgrade and enhance the park. The pavilion provides much-needed washrooms, concession, and storage space, as well as creating an outdoor but covered stage area for community gatherings and events. The pavilion’s rich wood and bright colours reflect well its setting of lush vegetation and inject a sense of delight and warmth, particularly in winter months. Scale was also a key consideration in the design to ensure that the building does not overwhelm the park space. A prominent feature of the pavilion is the curving roofline over the stage area, with its exposed glulam supporting beams. Significantly, all elevations of the Polson Park Pavilion have been treated as equally important. There is no true “back side” to this building; it is accessible from all sides and as such, all angles were treated with similar respect. In contrast to traditional facilities of this kind, with the employment of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles.

Wood Use

Durability is a key concern in structures of this type, and wood met the client’s requirements in this regard. It features prominently in the material palette for the building, along with concrete, steel and glass. The roof structure is comprised of 38-mm deep steel roof decking supported by 254mm x 343mm glulam joists at variable spacing. For the southern overhang and the exposed roof to the north over the outdoor stage, the roof joists are splayed out and span up to 9 metres. These are in turn supported by a combination of glulam beams, reinforced concrete beams and reinforced concrete masonry walls. Over the outdoor courtyard, the roof joists are supported by a reinforced concrete beam to the west and a sloped 368mm x 876mm glulam beam to the east. The splayed glulam joists cantilever varying amounts over the glulam beam giving the impression that the roof undulates.