J.W. Sexsmith Elementary School

This two-storey, 3,770 square metre facility was built under the province of British Columbia’s seismic mitigation program for schools. It replaces the original J.W. Sexsmith Elementary dating from 1912, that structural analysis had determined would be uneconomical to upgrade to current code standards. Located on a south sloping site in the Langara neighbourhood of Vancouver, the new school serves a diverse student population in an area that is transitioning from single-family to multi-family homes. 

Wood Use

The school is constructed almost entirely of wood, employing a combination of traditional light wood frame with engineered wood elements where required for long spans or particularly heavy load conditions. Glue-laminated beams are used for large spans supporting roof and floor framing, and glue-laminated columns are used for large loading conditions generally supporting the beams. The floors employ both wood I-joists with plywood webs, and solid sawn lumber, while the roof uses open web pre-engineered wood trusses, with solid sawn lumber joists and rafters. 

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