Gibsons RCMP Facility

The design of the new facility is intended to reflect the character of the Town of Gibsons. The extensive use of wood makes the building warm and inviting, and the large glazed areas present an open and  transparent façade to the public. On the east elevation three freestanding natural western red cedar posts form a portico, supporting the beam and purlin structure of the overhanging roof. These posts, sourced by local craftsmen, symbolize the cooperation between the RCMP, the Town of Gibsons and the community.

The building is also built to LEED Silver standards with sustainable strategies including geothermal heating, provision of ample natural light, a green roof and storm water management.

Wood Use

The ‘Wood First’ policy adopted by the Town of Gibsons is integrated into all aspects of the structure and exterior finishing. Wood provided a quick and economical building system that met the budget and scheduling constraints while utilizing locally available materials and trade skills. As a renewable resource, wood was considered the appropriate choice for both the building structure and exoskeleton. Wood affected by the mountain pine beetle was used for the structural roof decking which, along with glue-laminated (glulam) roof beams, is exposed in feature areas of the interior. The wood provides a warm complement to the bright colours used on accent walls. Externally, western red cedar is the predominant material. In addition to the exterior posts, it was also used as the primary cladding material and for lining the sloping soffits of the extensive roof overhangs. On the exterior walls, the texture and pattern of cedar shingles complements the smooth surface and horizontal lines of the tongue and groove boards. The cedar gives the building an overall warm appearance, and serves to tie it to the surrounding landscape.

Download the pdf to learn more about the project.