The Hangar: UBCO Fitness & Wellness Centre

Rapidly outgrowing the existing athletic facilities at its Okanagan campus, the University of British Columbia held a design competition for an addition to the gymnasium — a new Fitness and Wellness Centre. The winning entry chose to depart from the rectilinear geometry of the existing building and to experiment with a new way of using cross-laminated timber (CLT). To facilitate the maximum use of wood, and to offer freedom of aesthetic expression, the new two-storey building has been designed as freestanding structure, connected to the main gymnasium only by an upper level bridge. 

Wood Use

This project explores innovative approaches to CLT, using new jointing and detailing techniques to create a curvaceous, lightweight and efficient structure. The distinctive profile of the building is achieved using a series of CLT moment frames, in which both the beams and columns are tapered. Across the width of the building, the beams increase from 940 mm in depth to approximately 1500 mm at the point where they are connected by a split joint to the columns. In turn, the columns taper to 600 mm at the base, where they are connected to projecting glulam beams. 

Download the pdf to learn more about the project.