Samuel Brighouse Elementary Virtual Tour

Samuel Brighouse Elementary School in Richmond is a great showcase for the use of British Columbia wood in public buildings. The award-winning school opened three months earlier than scheduled, and has a stunning design, welcomed by students and staff alike. An undulating wood roof is the school’s signature architectural feature. Not only does it look fantastic, but it was prefabricated off site so shop and field construction could proceed concurrently. It also took half the time to cover the building than a roof built on site.

Lakeside Resort

Speed of construction, reduced building weight and desire for a more attractive facility convinced the Lakeside Resort owner to use wood instead of concrete when they expanded their resort. The new 70-unit hotel is constructed of mass timber, and at its completion, is believed to feature the most extensive use of cross-laminated timber (CLT) of any building in the Okanagan Valley. 

Join naturally:wood at the 2018 BUILDEX Vancouver tradeshow & conference

Join us as naturally:wood hosts the Wood Products Showcase February 14 & 15 at BUILDEX Vancouver—Western Canada’s largest tradeshow and conference for the construction, architecture and interior design industries.

Discover our resources and factsheets, including an introduction to Wood Innovates BC, a new one-stop platform providing resources to drive innovation in wood design, building and manufacturing.

Learn more about Wood Innovates BC

Wood Innovates BC drives innovation in wood design, building and manufacturing

This one-stop platform, hosted by naturally:wood, profiles the latest B.C. expertise, wood design resources, events and workshops, to encourage exchange on technological developments, research, building and manufacturing efficiencies and innovations. The latest trends and topics surrounding the advancement of wood use are featured in addition to a project gallery, case studies, mass timber technical guides, a directory of local suppliers and upcoming events.


Winners of the 2018 Awards for Engineering Excellence Announced

Fast + Epp was honoured at the 29th Annual Awards for Engineering Excellence Gala for Brock Commons Tallwood House. They were presented with the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Engineering Excellence for the project. “The Awards for Engineering Excellence winners represent the best and brightest in our industry,” said Keith Sashaw, President and CEO, ACEC-BC. “The winning projects are some of the most impressive work we have seen from B.C.’s consulting engineers, who have been showcased on this stage for nearly three decades.”  

Discover how to build smart with fire risk mitigation in new residential construction

Hosted by BC Housing in collaboration with industry partners, this training workshop held on April 17 will demonstrate cutting edge construction safety practices, industry research, and lessons learned from international exterior cladding fires as they relate to the design and construction of modern residential buildings. With a focus on managing and designing to address fire safety risk, this workshop will discuss international best practices in exterior wall finishes while addressing new considerations and awareness around residential fires.


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