Join naturally:wood at the 2018 BUILDEX Vancouver tradeshow & conference

Join us as naturally:wood hosts the Wood Products Showcase February 14 & 15 at BUILDEX Vancouver—Western Canada’s largest tradeshow and conference for the construction, architecture and interior design industries.

Discover our resources and factsheets, including an introduction to Wood Innovates BC, a new one-stop platform providing resources to drive innovation in wood design, building and manufacturing.

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Urban Development Institute: Vancouver's Future in Passive House

For developers, companies and consultants involved in the planning, design and construction of buildings, Passive House will be leading the industry energy standard in Vancouver's imminent future, setting building performance standards high. The panel of experts will provide an overview of several high-rise case studies, to help show why so many larger scale Passive House projects are on the books in the lower mainland region.

Building Smart with the BC Energy Step Code - Lower Steps, Climate Zone 4

Hosted by B.C. Housing, learn to build homes to a higher energy standard using cost-effective, applied best practices. This province-wide training series is designed to support builders, designers, building officials and others working in residential construction in meeting BC Energy Step Code requirements that came into effect on December 15, 2017 (as per Section 5 of the Building Act).

Building Smart with Fire Risk Mitigation in New Residential Construction

Hosted by BC Housing, learn about cutting edge construction safety practices, industry research, and lessons learned from international exterior cladding fires as they relate to the design and construction of modern residential buildings. With a focus on managing and designing to address fire safety risk, this workshop will discuss international best practices in exterior wall finishes while addressing new considerations and awareness around residential fires.

Passive House Design and Construction

This is a four-day course covering technical, economic and policy elements of Passive House buildings. Participants will learn how to apply Passive House principles in the context of building physics, windows and mechanical systems. Numerous case studies, both domestic and international, will be used to demonstrate current best practices and teach concepts of cost assessment.

Introduction to Passive House High Performance Buildings

Overview of the core principles of Passive House design and building energy efficiency regulations in Canada. The course also covers the history of energy efficient buildings, energy consumption data and environmental impact, case studies and the economics of creating high performance buildings. This course is recommended for anyone wishing to understand the basics of Passive House high performance buildings.

21st Century Construction – Integrated Project Delivery, Prefabrication and Net Zero

This education and networking event designed for the construction sector brings together three construction and design professionals – each of whom has delivered innovative and sustainable projects.  The speakers will highlight the potential for incorporating pre-fabricated elements to enhance speed, reduce cost and deliver better energy performance.  As well, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) processes will be profiled for projects large and small, including a case study of the first truly IPD project in Alberta, the Mosaic Centre.

Island Wood – Industry Forum and Wood Products Showcase

Hosted by Vancouver Island Economic Alliance, this event will introduce builders, contractors, designers, engineers, architects, developers and property managers to a broad range of interior and exterior wood products being manufactured on Vancouver Island.  Those directly involved in wood manufacturing will also be able to share ideas on how to strengthen and diversify value-added manufacturing on Vancouver Island.

Comparing B.C. to the World: Forest Regulation and Certification Factsheet

B.C.’s world-leading sustainable forest management was confirmed in a recent research study. In 2016, Indufor, an international forestry consulting company, examined forest legislation and certification standards in 14 jurisdictions around the world. To learn how B.C. performed on each of the 16 elements of sustainable forest management examined, view the Comparing B.C. to the World: Forest Regulation and Certification factsheet, which provides an overview of the study. 

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