Wood is versatile, resilient and renewable, making it an excellent choice to build or renovate schools. It can be less expensive than other major building materials, and studies show it creates safe, healthy and inspiring learning environments. By choosing wood construction, school districts can demonstrate a commitment to climate action and the environmental future of their students through designs that meet or exceed demanding energy-efficiency requirements.

This learning chapter will identify benefits of building with wood in schools, demonstrated through articles and featured projects using wood as a structural and finishing material.

Learning objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Summarize the benefits of using wood as a primary building material for the design and construction of schools.
  • List and elaborate on examples of schools that used wood as a primary building material in construction or renovation.  
  • Discuss the biophilic benefits of wood. 
  • Identify and differentiate between the various types of mass-timber products.