Brock Commons - Design Modelling

Brock Commons is one of the University of British Columbia's five high-rise, mixed-use, residential complexes that provide housing for students while acting as academic and recreational hubs for the campus community. The hubs are all of similar programming and urban design. However, the Brock Commons Phase 1 Building is unique in the use of a mass-timber hybrid structure. The foundation, ground floor, and stair/elevator cores are concrete, while the superstructure is composed of cross-laminated timber introduction (CLT) panel floor assemblies supported on parallel strand lumber (PSL) or glue-laminated timber (GLT) columns with steel connections. The building envelope is comprised of prefabricated, steel-stud frame panels with a wood-fibre laminate cladding, and a traditional SBS (styrenebutadiene-styrene) roof assembly on metal decking.